Alberto Berton // Visual Thinker

“Daznai” Tariff Plan

TV ad to promote a specific Tariff Plan offered by the company to its costumers, called “DAZNAI” (that in Lithuanian means “Frequently/A lot)Shortly, the Voice Over is underlining to which kind of target audience the product is addressed to (it has been a creative decision to show a women’s chat): the ones that are talking A LOT on the phone.

VO copy excerpt: “Here’s to the demanding ones, for example: those who want to talk a lot (Chippendales, high heels shoe, dress), … really a lot (lipstick, heart, shoe, piece of cake), for all of them BITE created Daznai tariff Plan…. plus product information.” Payoff: “We are lucky to have demanding clients. You make us better.”

Project Details

Client: Bite Lithuania Daznai tariff plan TV Ad '' For those who like talk a lot. Really a lot.'' (agency: McCann Erickson Bucharest, 2012)